Tuscany '06
August 5th to 19th



Hello all and thank you for joining me on my Italian trip. The main goal of the trip was two week ride of Tuscany. I also had the opportunity to fly in a week early to tour Venice and Cinque Terre. After the two week bike tour, I spent a couple of days in Rome.



During the trip I kept a daily log each day. Included are descriptions, photos and trip maps. To see these click on "Daily Ride Log" below. I also had a digital camera, so I took waaay too many photos. For these, click on "Daily Photos". I also had a new toy with me, a GPS logger. As we rode, this device would record our coordinates. After the ride, I was able to feed the recorded values into Google Earth and re-fly the route. Click on "Daily Ride Fly Through" to get a feeling of our daily routes.

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Daily Photos
1 8/6/06  Videos Route Photos
2 8/7/06 Video Route Photos
3 8/8/06 Video Route Photos
4 8/9/06   Route Photos
5 8/10/06 Video Route Photos
6 8/11/06 Video no riding Photos
7 8/12/06   Route  
8 8/13/06 Video   Photos
9 8/14/06 Video Route Photos
10 8/15/06 Video   Photos
11 8/16/06   Route Photos
12 8/17/06 Video Route Photos
13 8/18/06 Video Route Photos

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Recommended Travel Books

Rick Steves' Italy 2007 (Rick Steves)

Rick Steves' Florence and Tuscany 2006 (Rick Steves' Florence & Tuscany)

Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide to Tuscany (Eyewitness Travel Top 10)

The Ten Best of Everything Tuscany

National Geographic Traveler: Florence & Tuscany, 2d Ed. (National Geographic Traveler)
I have the the 1st edition of this, the second edition is scheduled to be released Feb 21, 2006

Last update: 9/23/06

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