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How to Discourage a Woman From Bothering You in Italy

A man traveling alone in Italy long enough will inevitably wish to encounter at least one Italian woman whose persistent attention or come-ons are welcome.

The question is? What kind of girly man would complain about Italian women making passes at you and trying too woo you? 

The following steps should help any misunderstandings.

1.  Don't Ignore her. She's looking for attention, so she winks at you, wink back.
2.  If that doesn't work, try giving her a look that means, "I available, What about you you gorgeous babe.." It's important to appear confident even if that's not the way you're feeling.
3.  Walk slowly. If she sits down next to you, lean over and ask her if she comes there often. You can follow that up with asking her what her sign is.
4.  If the previous steps don't work, tell her, "Mama Mia,"
5.  Is she still there? Ask her to be your wife, or if you're married already, your girl friend.
6.  If all else fails don't fail to ask to offer to buy her a drink, perhaps dinner?
The more confident and assertive you appear, the more likely you are to be attractive to women.
Don't expect women to be attached to just because you're American. Take the opportunity to practice your Italian pick-up lines in English.
Most women who pester you will be harmless, but always be aware of your safety. If you feel at all threatened, immediately look for a well-lit, densely populated place for safety.
Tips from eHow Users:
Wear a Lance Armstrong Yellow "Livestrong" band
Italian woman just swoon when they find out that you are in great enough shape that you take bicycle vacations just because they are fun!! Don't forget to say that you are from Texas often serve as a pace setter for Lance.
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Things You'll Need:
airline tickets
Italian dictionaries
Italian phrase books
Livestrong wrist band
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