Tuscany '06
August 5th to 19th

Tuscany Rogues Riders

Riders Photos Introduction
Alan Ferriday
- our fearless leader
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Shiona Ferriday Shiona.jpg (36640 bytes)
Pete and Alison Grimley pete-Alison.JPG (56364 bytes)
Ulli Ulli.jpg (74662 bytes)
Robin RobinJoG.jpg (100205 bytes)
Judy Judy.jpg (64970 bytes)
Debbie Neumayer Debbie1.jpg (112309 bytes)
Gary Neumayer gary-neumayer.JPG (58670 bytes)
Detlef Detlef.jpg (147645 bytes)
Brian Cox brian.jpg (96642 bytes)
Bradshaw Clan -
Brett, Barbara, Fred, Justin and Amber
bradshaw-clan.JPG (393372 bytes)
Crystal Mattson crystal1.jpg (22572 bytes)
Bill Higgins MrBill.jpg (188782 bytes)
Joanne Childers JoSmiles.jpg (111726 bytes)
Carol O'Bryan carol-o'bryan.jpg (66156 bytes)
Adrienne Harber AdrienneBear.jpg (127707 bytes)
Sue Frost


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