8/8 - Fulton to Dexter, NY - Day 54

The theme for today is: Lets toast some marshmallows"

Today we were on the road earlier that usual because our scheduled breakfast stop was scheduled to be at the 24 mile mark.  We left the school by 6:45, the temperature was cool enough to be wearing jackets. The total mileage for the day was only 65 miles.

We stopped at a coffee shop about 10 miles into the ride. The coffee shop was a fun local cafe that just couldn't believe what we are doing.  The reaction has become so common that each one of us seem to have our own standard come-back to their response.  It really lots of fun.

We reached the breakfast by 8:55. It was at the top of a hill at a golf course.  If we wanted to, we could have played a round as well.  The breakfast was buffet style with everything you might expect.  One of the nicest things was having silverware and tablecloths.  For most of the trip we've had plastic utensils to eat with.  We didn't leave breakfast until 10AM. 

At the 48 mile mark, before lunch, we stopped at Trolley's Ice Cream.  The featured ice cream was Perry's.  We've been seeing the brand for the last couple of days and I gotta say that it was great!  At one point, we must have had 15 to 20 riders there.  Somehow we started to try to guess the brand and type of cars each of us owned.  It was fun.

When we left Trolley's it was about 1PM and the road lead us along Lake Ontario. The views were gorgeous and I think that we all wished that somehow we could own, or at least vacation, in one of the homes on the lake.

The picnic stop was at the 57 mile mark, only 8 miles from the end of today's ride a Sacket's Harbor.   The site was critical during the war of 1812. Both as a boat building location and a site of a battle. We arrived at 1:40PM and took our time with lunch. We later explored the town and came across the Harbor Brewing Company where we enjoyed a couple of brews that was made on the premises until 4PM.

We then hustled on to the campgrounds where after setting up our tents we had dinner.  Later that evening, over a campfire we toasted marshmallows and made somemores. I'm not sure what time we headed off to the tents, but it was pretty late.


Jim and Lauri at the country club

break stop

Picnic at Sacket's Harbor