8/9 - Dexter to Star Lake, NY - Day 55

The theme for today is: It's hard to be grumpy if you doing something you really love"

The ride for today was 63 miles. We left the campground at 7:30 after having breakfast. The temperaur was cool enough that I was wearing a jacket.  The sky had some clouds, but it didn't look like rain.

The first stop was after only 7 miles at a drive in coffee shop called Brew Ha Ha Coffee House.  It was about 8AM.  As usual, the riders practically swamped the place. The pace of our riding is slowing down almost daily as we're trying to milk as much time out of each day as possible.  Pictures we taken as we stayed much longer than necessary for a latte. While talking with Fred's daughters, Brett and Amber, I learned an important lesson.  It seems that when Fred is home, he's grumpy all the time. We were surprised about this because all summer long we never saw Fred in a grumpy mood.  Brett and Amber explained that "it's hard to be grumpy if you're doing something you really love". Maybe that explains why as a group we're getting along so well, we're all sharing what we love to do.

By 9AM we set a new record. 10 miles by 9AM. The fewest number of miles that we've ever done by 9AM.

The picnics stop was at mile 41 in Harrisville.  We got there by 11:20 and back on the road by 12:30.

The entire bike trip has been in such rural areas, that we often run into general stores.  In the west the stores were typically convenience stores located in gas station, but this week they have been the type of general store that is part of a bygone era.  The small white wooden store that has served the community for ages.  we stopped at Yearbecks General Store at mile 58 for cokes.  It was only 1:45 in the afternoon, no clouds in the sky and the temperature was perfect, maybe mid 70's.

The final miles to Star Lake was were uphill but not too steep. We pulled into the Star Lake Campus by 3PM.  Set up our tents then went exploring the campus.  The campus reminded me more of a summer camp rather than a school.  I found a group of other riders stretched out on the floating dock in the lake. I soon joined them basking in the sun like seals on jetties. It was so relaxing!  We were also allowed to play with the school's water toys as well. They had kayaks and sail boats to choose from.  It was just a great time. 


Bikerchicks at the Brew Ha Ha

A latte toast at the Brew Ha Ha

Brian going into orbit

Albert Entering the Adirondacks