8/6 - Alblon, NY to Sodus, NY

The theme for today is: “Don’t let a couple of clouds ruin your day”.

Today was scheduled to be 84 miles. We woke up to the coolest temperatures of the tour. Not cold but cool enough to wear a jacket. We left the school under very overcast skies at 7:10. No telling if it was going to rain or not. The wind was pretty strong as well; unfortunately the direction was not going our way. The winds were mostly head and cross winds, but we were all looking forward to the ride.

Part of the main attraction for today was the Erie Canal Trail. We got on the path at mile 18 and road it for a major portion of the day. I didn’t realize how extensive the canal was. It pretty much runs the width of New York State. From Lake Erie to the Hudson River (http://bhw.buffnet.net/erie-canal/ ). It connects to several other Canals as well.

By 9AM we reached the first of several stops today. At the 22-mile mark we stopped in the town of Spencerport looking for a good cup of espresso. After stopping someone on the street, we were directed to Java John’s Coffee and Pastry. It was just the place we were looking for, great coffee and pastries. I ordered the imperial size latte. The inside was warm and attractive, just what we needed.

We consulted our daily routing sheet and decided to stop at Pittsford at the 41 mile mark because we heard that a place called Bill Wahl’s had great Ice Cream. It didn’t matter that it was only 11:30 in the morning or that the picnic stop was only 5 more miles up the path.

It seems that as the trip is coming to an end, we’re trying to make each day of riding last as long as possible, stopping for almost any excuse and trying to stay out on the road as long as possible. I feel the same way as I did in high school as the summer started to wind down and the beginning of school approached.

The picnic stop was great as usual with Ben making a pasta salad. Following lunch, we returned to the bike path for about another 10 miles. At the 62-mile mark we were in the village of Ontario, NY. Following directions of a local, we ended up at a place call the Roof Cellar Café. We had coffee and snacks. The café sold natural foods and supplements as well. A real nice break.

By 3:30 we were back on the road. We had only 20 more miles to go, should only take about an hour and 30 minutes. Only 12 more miles we came across a town called Polneyville where they had a place call Polneyville Pickle Company. Several bikes were out in front and guess what? We stopped again! Then in was on to the high school in Sodus.


Tug working the canel

bridge rasing on the Erie Canel

Bridge going up

oooh ice cream at Bill Wahl's