8/5 - Niagara Falls, ON Albion, NY

The theme for the day is: “It’s a great day, let’s go biking”.

The breakfast this morning was a special treat. It was at the top of the Minolta tower overlooking the Niagara Falls ( http://www.infoniagara.com/d-att-minolta.html  ). It was great. Good breakfast, great views!!! We left from the tower at 7:30. The sky was clear blue and temperature was a bit warm for the time of day. The morning route took us down by the falls. When we arrived in Niagara Saturday evening, we went to see the falls at night. It was not the quite peaceful experience that I had expected. However, this morning the masses of people were gone and you could really stand and feel the power of the rushing water. Then it was on to the cross to the US via the whirlpool bridge. Presto, we were back on American soil.

The total mileage for the day was only 73 miles. If you plan on traveling 10 miles an hour and you start at 7:30, the ride can be completed by 2:30. No Problem. So with such a nice day, lets stop for coffee in the town of Youngstown for Lattes. The Youngstown Coffee Company must have had 30 to 40 riders sitting outside enjoying the sun before I got there. I found this on a calendar on the wall of a coffee shop in Youngstown today; “Always use the word impossible with the greatest amount of caution."  We hung out for about and hour sitting and relaxing.

As we started heading east, we picked up a very nice tail wind. In no time, we were moving along at 21 MPH. Very Nice.. At the 29 mile mark, we stopped at a roadside stand for some fresh Peaches. Very sweet. The Picnic Stop was at mile 49 at Golden Hill. The site was next to Lake Ontario. It was so nice to be sitting on a stone wall, looking out at passing boats and eating my salad and sandwiches. The rest of the ride was only 24 miles to the town of Albion, NY ( http://www.ohwy.com/ny/a/albion.htm ). I’m in the local library just finishing up today’s log and will be heading out for an Ice Cream. Life is good, very very good

Breakfast in the tower

Brian at the falls

Coffee stop in Youngstown with Jim and Lauri Young

ohhh that coffee must have been good...

View accross Lake Ontario to Niagara On The Lake

Lunch with a view

Tom and Neil at lunch