8/3 - Port Dover, ON to Niagara Falls, ON - Day 49

The theme for today is: ďThe best things in life are not thingsĒ.

Today is the last day of the riding for the week. We pretty much set out trying to milk the riding today, trying to make it last as long as possible. Itís only scheduled to be 69 miles ending in Niagara Falls Ontario ( http://www.city.niagarafalls.on.ca/ ) . We left from breakfast at about 7:15 and headed out.

The weather was perfect, with a slight tail wind. By 9AM we rolled into the town of Selkirk for coffee. The distance was only 16 miles, but we werenít trying to make time. By mile 23, the temperature was warming up to 83 degrees and a slight headwind. By mile 32 we stopped in the town of Dunville at a Tim Hortionís for coffee and donuts.

We finally wondered into the picnic stop at noontime and were back on the road by 1PM. We had a small ferry crossing at mile 59. Following the ferry ride, it took about 1 minute to cross; we had only 10 more miles to go.

On the far side was a bar called Knckleheadís. Now we donít normally have a drink before the end of a ride, but with a name like Knckleheadís, we just had to stop for a cold one. Then it was on to the school. I think that we came rolling into the school about 4PM. It was a fun ride.

As a group, I think that weíre really getting into trying to enjoy the ride, enjoy the scenery and not try to rush though the day. for ice cream. The remaining road was fairly hilly but went quickly.


Ben crossing the "ferry"

Crossing the "ferry"