7/2 - Jackson WY to DuBois WY - Day 17

Today was a tough day, especially for the folks who joined us yesterday. It was a total of one hundred four miles (104) while climbing a nine thousand six hundred fifty eight feet (9,659) summit.

We started out from the campground at 6:30 AM. Breakfast was scheduled to be at the 19 mile mark. But boy was it cold when we started out. Some folks had frost on their tents this morning. After a quick stop at the Albertsonís, I had a latte at Starbuckís and then off to breakfast.

As the neared the breakfast location, the Tetons got closer. I must of blown at least an entire roll of film on the mountainís today. Breakfast was outdoors with pancakes, eggs and bacon. As we left breakfast, we entered Yellowstone. Again more pictures. By 11:30 we were out of the park and starting up the hill to the summit. Lunch was at the 64-mile mark and boy was it tiring to get there!! I think that the attitude had a lot to do with it. After lunch, it was still ten more miles to the summit / continental divide (9,658 feet). The dropping down the summit into Debois was worth the effort. First the incline was long and gentle for about 10 miles, then as the road started to flatten out we picked up a wonderful tailwind started to push us along. At one point, I was on flat ground going 40 MPH. I had to slowdown going through a town to keep from getting a speeding ticket!! A first for me!

Leaving West Yellowstone with the Tetons looming

Getting closer to the Tetons

Artful view of the Tetons

Breakfast with a Teton view

Tetons in the rearview mirror

Saying goodbye to the tetons

Togwotee Pass

Red rocks into Du bois.... I was flying....