7/3 - Dubois, WY to Riverton, WY - Day 18

This morning was not as chilly as yesterday, but in the 50's. The ride is scheduled to be out 77 miles and fairly flat when compared to yesterdays' ride. We had breakfast and I was on the road by a bit after 7AM.

Much to the surprise of everyone the tailwind that pushed us into town was still with us this morning. This time pushing us out of town! The road tended to be downhill as we road though beautiful red sand canyons. The water stop was at the 20 mile mark and I hit it by 8:20, so I was averaging close to 20 miles and hour! Mighty fast when compared to other days.

The overcast sky kept the temperature from getting too hot, which was welcomed since 100 degree temperatures were predicted to today. We were moving so fast that we hit the Picnic Stop by 9:45. Not wanting to lose the great conditions, I was back on the road by 10:30. The wind kept pushing me along until about ten miles from Riverton, where the a hill slowed my progress and the tail winds shifted to headwinds. The clouds started to part and the sun started to heat thinks up. I was able to make it to the high school by 12:30 and then went in search of the public library. Now itís off to the Dairy Queen for something cool then back to the high school to put up the tent and take a shower. It would be great if all dayís were this easy.

Our trusty mechanics set up shop in Riverton