7/1 - Jackson WY - Duff Day - Day 16

Today is a duff day. No biking today. It's the day when some folks will leave the tour and some folks will join us.

This morning I had a chance to say goodbye to Dan who is planning on continuing the tour next year for another week. I also said goodbye to John who may be re-joining us in New York for the final two weeks of the tour. Paul also left. He was here to train for the "Death Ride" in California. Five mountain passes and one hundred twenty miles in one day! We all wish him the best. He should have been given some kind of determination award. After making the four mile climb from Nevada City, he dropped one half the way to Ennis and turned around climbed back to the top, returned to Nevada City then back up the 4 mile climb again!!! Before finally dropping all the way down to Ennis for dinner. The rest of us felt once was enough! We hope that he does well. He too may be joining us by the end of the tour.

Today I went into Jackson to eat at the Bunnry then on to the library to catch up on my e-mail. I was able to get an hour session, but still it wasnít long enough to get caught-up. Iíve dropped off two rolls of film to be developed and Iím now at Java Joeís relaxing with an Iced Latte. Itís great to be able to have a bit of time to myself before rejoining circus this evening.