6/28 - Ennis to West Yellowstone MT - Day 13

The theme for today is:  "You gotta choose; route A or route B"

Got up at 5:30 today and had a breakfast. I was on the road by 7:15.  As I shot through town, I saw an espresso shop on the and figured that it was too early to stop and there has to be another place down the road, but I was wrong.  As I found out later, it would be a while to my next latte.

In no time you could feel a breeze picking up.  Since it wasn't even 8AM, this was not a good sign.  Crosswinds or headwinds for the remaining 70 miles would make for a long day. I hit the 20 mile mark by 8:40 and stopped at the water stop.  Cycle America puts out typically several water stops for each each day.  They're normally placed every 20 miles or so.  The brightly colored water coolers are usually pretty hard to miss and they are marked on out route sheets as well. On the really hot days, they are lifesavers.

Pulled into the picnic stop at the 33 mile mark. By now the wind was really impacting our progress. Sometimes headwinds, sometime crosswinds, but never tail winds.

As we left the picnic stop, a choice awaited us. At the 40 mile mark, the road split, you could take a southern route to the campground or you could take an eastern route that would bring you around Quake Lake and through West Yellowstone before ending up at the campground. At the fork in the road there were several folks trying it decide which route to take.  It was almost funny, for almost two weeks now we've been told every turn to take and ever place to stop and now a decision had to be made and for some folks, it was tough. I've been through this part of the ride once before and I knew that the route up and around quake lake was the most interesting way.  So me and a couple other folks started out. As a side benefit, the new direction provided us with a tailwind, even if we had to climb, it was better than battling the headwinds.

Quake lake was formed when an earth quake in 1959 dammed up the river.  As we rode around the lake, the view of the trees, now dead, standing in the high water were something that I've never seen any where else.

We stopped at a saloon for something to drink and found out that they had wonderful pie. I don't remember the name, but they had 5 different types of berries in it. It was soooo delicious. Soon other riders began to show up, we recommend the pie to everyone.  We didn't leave the saloon for at least 45 minutes.

The next stop, West Yellowstone.  As the road turned south I hit tremendous headwind.  Up ahead I could see a pace line.  I knew that if I could catch up to them, then the ride would be easier.  So I sped up and cought them.

We stopped at a bike shop call the FreeHeel & Wheel that also had a coffee bar.  I think that everyone had some kind of iced coffee drink.

We got to the camp ground in time to set up the tents and then headed off to a great BBQ dinner.  One of the best so far!


One of the gorgeous views from around Quake Lake

Rick crossing into Idaho... again.....