6/29 - West Yellowstone to Ashton ID - Day 14

Today promises to be lots of fun if only the winds don't kick up. Fifty Six miles and moderate climbing. We started out from the Lions Head campground after a great breakfast at Alice's Restaurant. As soon as we left the campground we started a 1.5 mile climb that ended as we left Montana and re-entered Idaho. We dropped down for about a 4 mile hill out onto RT 20. Where the headwind was building.

At the 21 Mile mark we stopped at the Pond's Lodge for coffee. Riders just kept coming and coming. At one point we must of had a dozen riders lounging in the sun sipping coffee. We were there for over and hour for just a coffee stop!! Everyone was leaving and I was the last one getting on my bike when one of the staff members rolled up. I asked if you was there for a cup of coffee and he said that he was the sweep rider for the day, in charge of making sure that no one was left behind. Then if occurred to me, I was the last rider of the entire group!

We got on the road and after a while I caught up and over took some other riders. The ride included a scenic loop that includes the view of two waterfalls. The Upper Mesa Falls was spectacular and I have the photos to prove it. The Picnic Stop was located at the Lower Mesa Falls and as always we were ready for it. I left lunch with Jim and Laurie Young and a mile down the road, my odometer turned over 1000 miles for the coast to coast tour and one mile later so did Jim's. The roads became twisty with lots of ups and downs.

Finally climbing up to a platitude where the wind was blowing at least 30 miles and hour right into our faces. What a headwind. On either side of the road were fields of potatoes and canola. I had no idea that canola was such a bright yellow. The fields were tremendous. The remaining ride into town was an effort just to move forward. But in the end a cold ice drink awaited.

Upper Mesa Falls