6/27 - Dillon to Ennis, MT - Day 12

The theme of the day is: "I COULD DO THIS ALL DAY"

Today's scheduled to be 73 miles. Before the day is done we'll need to finish a really steep climb out of Virginia City, MT.  They say that it's a 7% grade for 4 miles. 

I left breakfast by 7AM and was moving at a pretty good rate, by 9AM I was at the 30 mile mark.  When I'm back in the office I'm usually at my desk at 9AM and today I already had done 30 miles... what a kick!!

The picnic stop was in the town of Sheridan at the 38 mile mark.  I arrived by 9:45.  Wow that's what you call an early breakfast.

Following the picnic stop, I fell in with a group of guys in a pace line.  They were going at a pretty good rate, so I decided to join the line.  In a pace line, generally the guy leading it will stay in front for about a mile, then fall back and the second guy than becomes the leader for another mile.  Generally the speed is kept fairly fast but constant.  In this case, myself included, it seemed that with each new leader, the speed increased slightly (perhaps a mile and hour).  Well since there were about six of us, it only took a couple of rotations until we were going in the mid 20's and we were starting to climb up to Nevada City to boot! Well I eventually dropped out, too pooped to keep up the pace.

Within a couple of miles, I pulled into Nevada City.  It was noon by now and getting pretty hot.  I spent an hour or so walking thru the old ghost town that has actually been pasted together from several other towns. The highlight of the town is the two level outhouse, really!

Well one more mile up the road was Virginia City. Where Nevada City was a ghost town, Virginia City (  http://www.westyellowstonenet.com/attractions/virginia_city.htm )  was a tourist trap, errr tourist attractions with stores, saloons and stage coach rides.  I join a bunch of other riders in at a soda fountain and had a root beer float.

As we left Virginia City the climb began. At 7%, this was the steepest incline so far in the ride. It wasn't easy, but I figured that if I had to, I could stop at the 1/2 mile mark. By the 1/2 mark, I was ready to stop, but then I saw someone else at that point and I figured that I must be a better rider than her, so I figured that I would go to the one mile mark.  

At the one mile mark, I wasn't too pooped and so kept climbing slowly up the hill.  I realized that I could make it the remaining three miles with out stopping.  At that time, I started to talk back to the mountain. I started to mutter, then a bit louder.... "is that all you've got?" "is that all you got" "I could this all day" I could do this all day".  As I spoke the I was picking up some speed and slowly started to pass other rides.  They all thought I was crazy as I was shouting to them "I COULD DO THIS ALL DAY". By the time I was at the top, I was really moving pretty fast.

Before the descent to Ennis, we stopped at the top and took a bunch of photos. The drop down to Ennis was so steep had to stop a couple of times just to let the bikes brakes cool down.  Then it was down to town were we pulled into a soda fountain and had more floats and then into school to put up the tents, take a shower and have dinner.

Brian Touring the ghost town of Nevada City

A soda stop in Virgina City before the big climb!

What? A two story out house??

Virginia City; ghost town