6/26 - Jackson to Dillon MT - Day 11

This day has been a short ride, only 48 miles. The picnic stop that is normally mid ride has been put to the end of the ride in Dillon. The breakfast in the lodge was great and since the day was going to be short, it didnít start till 7AM instead of the typical 6:30.

At the nine-mile mark, the road started a climb for the next two miles. Followed by a drop into a valley. The surprise was that we found ourselves in the middle of a cattle drive! Really!! Cattle were everywhere, on the road to the left and the right and cowboys driving them on. It was too cool to be peddling along and have the cattle part for us.

Following the cattle experience, we started new five-mile climb. We finally ended up in Dillon were the picnic stop waited for us. It was about 11AM, the earliest day weíve had. I hung out for about an hour or so, chatting and just enjoying the warm weather. Later I made it down to the library to update the trip log. They limited me to only 30 minutes, so I didnít have a chance to email anyone. After getting kicked off the machine I wandered down to the sports store and finally to the Dairy Queen. Itís the first one that Iíve come across. The Blizzard drinks tasted great. Then it was on to the KOA campground to put up the tent and to catch a lift to the 4H club for dinner.

It a cattle drive!!

Get along little doggies, get along

Cowboys, Cowgirls and Cowkids....