6/19 - Electric City - Spokane - Day 4

The theme for today is: "mmmmm huckleberry shakes"

Today was scheduled to be almost as long as yesterday (92 miles vs. 94).

Just out of the town of Electric City (great name for a town at the foot of the Grand Coulee Dam - http://www.grandcouleedam.com/). The climb out of town was 13 miles today, wish I knew how many feet. We eventually connected back to route 2 and headed east toward Spokane. We were lucky again today as the wind gave us some assistance. Lunch today was at a gazebo in the center of a small town. I had my first Huckleberry milk shake there. After lunch we still had 43 miles to go.

We rolled into Spokane by 4:45. Just in time for dinner. We're staying in the dormitories at Gonzaga University ( http://www.gonzaga.edu/), which is a very pretty place.