6/20 - Spokane, Wa to Sandpoint, ID - Day 5

Gee it was great to sleep in a bed last night. We stayed in the dorms at Gonzaga University last night. I found out that Bing Crosby graduated from there. I understand that his Oscar for "Going My Way" is there.

The ride was scheduled for 82 Miles, the actual was closer to 85. I guess that I took a couple of detours. The weather has been very good. The highs are in the upper 70's, the winds light and after the morning overcast burns off, the days are clear with clouds building in the afternoon.

Typically I leave right after breakfast, about 7AM. I don't schedule who I going to ride with, just whoever is leaving at the same time. It really doesn't matter much, cause as the day progresses, the riding partners tend to change.

Today there weren't many big climbs like the last couple of days. The attitude was typically 2000 feet. The rolling hills accumulated about 2200 feet total for the day. 

We stopped at a small town in Washington called Newport. We had a latte at a small cafe then pushed on to Idaho. At the boarder of Idaho and Washington we took photos at the state sign. The landscape of Idaho is different from Washington. On this trip I really have seen "amber waves of grain" and now in Idaho, the "purple mountains majesty". The day's ride end in Sand Point, which is a very pretty town with several main block making up the town's center (http://www.sandpoint.com/). After dinner at the high school we headed to town for a couple of drinks. Back to the High school by 10 for the next day to Montana.

View of Grand Coulee Dam as we asended from Electric City.

Look at that group of riders!

From Washington to Idaho

Paul into Idaho

This is what I'll remember about Idaho, views of moutains and lakes.... Beautiful!!

Crossing a bicycle bridge across Pend Oreille to Sand Point, ID