6/18 - Wenatchee - Electric City - Day 3

The theme of the day: "Wow, never gone this fast before!"

They warned us that today was going to be a long day, 94 miles. We took a pretty bike path to a several a long incline.

By 9AM we were had travel 20 miles since the start of the day and still climbing. Gee... Some days 9AM would be my first meeting, but today I was traveling from coast to coast.

The big climb was followed by a huge downhill. Whatever speed we hit yesterday, we surpassed today. At the bottom of the downhill we were hit by a crosswind that forced us to lean the bike just to keep straight. Of course every downhill is followed by a uphill. The landscape sort of looked like some areas of the California desert with high vertical walls. The climb took a while but topped out again on a plateau with rolling hills. The road was straight and luckily the wind was to our back.

With the combination of the winds and the hills, I broke 45 miles an hour!!! Some folks claimed 54 miles an hour!!! It was still a long day though, by the time we hit camp we covered 94 miles.

Plateau with rolling hills and tailwinds!!!