Where's Brian?



Adelaide to Sydney 2016


Northern California 2015

Normandy Beaches 2014

Paris to Istanbul '13

East of the Mississippi '12

West Coast West '09

North West Mountain States '10

Spain '11

Pacific to Salt Lake City '08

Provence '07

Tuscany Italy '06

Ride Across Iowa Aug '05

June '05 Sierra to the Sea

Summer '04 Netherlands and Belgian

Summer '03 End to End

Summer '02 Coast to Coast

Rosebowl 2007

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Where's Brian?

Where's Brian Cycling this year? Follow the adventures of Brian and his friends as they bicycle Across Iowa. The week long ride is called RAGBRAI and has been held annually since 1973.

Twelve years ago I had the opportunity to ride across the US. Since then I've had the chance to bike from one end of England to the other (end to end),  Netherlands and Belgium, Northern California and a week in Iowa,  Tuscany Italy, Provence France, San Francisco to Salt Lake City, along the Pacific Coast (Oregon and California), Paris to Istanbul Turkey and last year two weeks in France along the Normandy Coast.

I'm always inspired by riders and people that I meet on my tours.


During the trip, I'll be using an email address at brian@coxintl.com. Feel free to drop an encouraging e-mail now and then. 

updated: 5/27/15

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