7/9 - Devils Tower, WY Newcastle - Day 24

Today is going to lots of climbing, but is only about 75 miles. We were hoping to be heading directly east, but according to the map, we're heading almost directly south. One more day in Wyoming. Leaving the park we had about 7 miles of climbing before heading to Sundance. The road was mostly quiet with occasional timber trucks or RVs.

By the 20 mile mark we reached a plateau with rolling hills. At the 27 mile mark we started to receive a good stiff breeze. The tailwind with the fairly nice temperatures of 80's made for a great ride. I was making such great time that I was going 25-27 MPH. I was sorry to see the picnic stop show up at the 43 mile mark. I'm not sure what time it was, but it may have been as early as 10AM.

I wanted to take advantage of the tailwinds and was back on road within 30 minutes. The rest of the ride had more climbs but the tailwinds had a positive affect on both my speed and attitude. I had a chance to ride with Paul. Paul is new to the ride this week and currently lives in Colorado. He grew up in the town of Newcastle, our destination for this evening. He showed me a shortcut to the school where we're staying this evening. He went to the school as a kid. Must be neat to return home on a bicycle I guess.

 The dinner was held at a Senior Center where we were serenaded by a local musical group. They included some Elvis songs, a first for the trip!! We also saw a movie at the theatre and turned in for the evening.

Lunch on the way to Newcastle

Wyoming roads

Salt Creek Overlook