7/6 - Buffalo Gillette - Day 21

Despite the storm last night, everything was dry in the morning. The tent wasn't even damp. Had breakfast at the Occidental Hotel and was on the road by 7:15. The route today was; get on Interstate I-90 and ride the shoulder until Gillette and get off. The total of 72 miles.

The interstate could have been worse, I guess, but the traffic was extremely light. The inclines lasted for miles. The wind was mostly crosswinds to slight headwinds all day. The reason that we took the interstate was that was the only road that took us in the direction that we wanted to go. No frontage road , no back roads.

Upon getting to Gillette (in case you're wondering, Gillette was not named for the company, it was named for the original surveyor of the town) I set up my tent and the clouds became very threatening. Big heavy storm clouds, lighting and heavy winds. but within no time, it all cleared up for a beautiful clear evening. Most everyone was tired from the day. Some said that the ride was boring, but I think that they were tired from the day before.