7/31 - Frankenmuth to Richmond, MI - Day 46

The theme for the day was: "go fast... go far".

Woke up at 5:45 this morning to a heavily clouded sunrise. The red rays were peaking out between the clouds. Maybe rain, maybe not. Washed up, pack the bags and took the tent down by 6:30. We headed off to breakfast and ended up at a McDonald's because of a mix up. We were on the road by 7:30 AM.

The skies had cleared. It was about mid 60's, sunny and clear. The roads were in good shape, fast and smooth. By 9AM we stopped in a small town of Fastoria. The only place that was open was a country convenience store. We were back on the road within 20 minutes after a quick drink of soda. Like yesterday, I got into a pace line with Joe, Vivian and Erika and for a while Tom. We were cooking!! The winds were helping as well. We were getting an assist from a wind that was coming from the northwest and we were on roads that were either heading east or south. By going in either direction we were getting a "push". We took advantage of the push and at times were hitting 25 to 27 MPH. We were flying.

We stopped for coffee at a pizza shop in North Branch at 10 AM and only had eleven more miles to go to lunch. We continued the pace up until lunch. After 45 minutes we were on our way again. By now the temperature had risen to the mid 80's. It was still sunny, but like yesterday, the afternoon clouds were building. We had about 40 more miles to the end of the day. We had one stop planned in the town of Armanda ( http://www.hometownusa.com/mi/Armada.html ). A sign as you entered town claimed that it was "the home of the motor home".

According to the information that we received during the ride briefing yesterday, a shop boasting of "Hand Made Pies" was on the route. We bought a pie and took it into town to Lick's Ice Cream Shoppe. Where it was shared with lots of hungry bikers. Everyone digging into the pie and ice cream with forks. OOhhhh it was soooo much fun. With only 9 miles to go, the rest of the trip to Richmond went quickly.

We finished up the ride before 3PM in 91 degrees temperature. Tomorrow we head into Canada and onward to the east coast. I just can't wait.


Sunset in Richmond