7/29 - Scottville, MI Farwell - Day 44

The theme of the day must have been "we don't care if it's raining, we're going to bicycle there anyway".

Woke up this morning under very cloudy skies. By looking, you could see that it was going to start to rain very soon. Packed my bags and tent and loaded them on the luggage truck. The rain started shortly afterwards while we were inside at breakfast. After breakfast, we hung out waiting for a break in the rain. By 7:15 we headed out in a heavy drizzle.

Riding in the rain is never as much fun as when it's sunny, but most of us are here to cycle all the way across America and we're scheduled to be in Farwell this evening, so it either get on the bike or ride in the van. I think that all were on the cycles by 8AM. The rain was mostly a strong drizzle. It was the summer kind of rain, mostly warm for the most part. With our rain gear on, keeping warm wasn't a concern.

The route allowed us to see the changing scenery. At the beginning there were small family farms. I had expected to see them all across the state. However, several times the route took us on the back roads through pine forests and small towns and around lakes. By the time we got to lunch the rain had stopped. Following lunch the rain would sporadically start again.

The ride was over 95 miles and of course, by the time we got to the High School in Farwell, the skies began to clear. Oh well, may be the weather will be better tomorrow.