7/23 - Northfield, MN to Pepin, WI

The theme for today is: "Day to play".

Today was fairly short, only 74 miles. The heat that has been dogging us for the past weeks has broken. As we left Northfield at 7AM the temperature was reading 57 degrees, almost chilly. The breakfast was being served 21 miles down the road in the town of Cannon Falls. The road to Cannon Falls was a mostly backcountry with one or two rolling hills. We arrived for breakfast by 9AM. The temperature was still only 62. Cannon Falls is also the headquarters for Cycle America.

After breakfast, the route followed the nicest bike path that I've ever ridden. The path was formally a railroad track that has been converted into a bike path. Good hard smooth surface and tree covered for most of the twenty-mile length. No cars, no traffic light for twenty miles. The picnic stop was at the 45-mile mark and we reached it by 11AM. Following lunch we traveled through the town of Red Wing (famous for its shoes and pottery ( http://www.redwing.net/ ).

We then crossed the Mississippi River into the state of Wisconsin. ohhhh no!! I'm getting booted off the machine and I haven't talked about Bay City and the espressos or Stockholm and the root beer floats. ...... Gee does it sound as if all we do is sleep, bicycle, eat? Well yea that's what we do..... I'll finish this up later. 


The world headquarters of Cycle America

The sicnic stop along the mighty Mississippi

Albert at Lake Pepin