7/19 - Watertown, SD to Montevideo, MN - Day 34

The theme for the day is "so long Pacific Ocean - hello Atlantic Ocean".

The quote of the day was "it's been six days of headwinds if you don't count the day off". South Dakota has been tough for us so far, it's another day of strong headwinds and cross winds. The landscape is very green with huge fields of corn, soy beans and other crops. The corn is up to 7 feet tall. The only break we get from the constant wind is from the trees and from the tallest corn.

All the riders were surprised at the forty one mile mark when we crossed the South Dakota / Minnesota State line. We can upon a huge group of riders taking pictures and laying on the road. We didn't figure out what was up until we got closer. Cycle America had painted a large signs on the road indicating the half way mark across America. So Long Pacific Ocean - Hello Atlantic Ocean!

The picnic stop followed shortly. After lunch, we peddled twenty-four miles to the town of Dawson where we stopped for sodas. On the way out of town we passed a restored gas station from the 30's era. We stopped and started to take photos of us trying to "gas-up" our bikes when a local asked us were we were from and where we were going. He got a bit excited and asked us to wait until he returned with a reporter from the local paper. He was back in less than 5 minutes with a reporter from the Western Guard. She interviewed us and took our pictures and then we were of f (click here for the newspaper article). On this trip, we've been interviewed a number of times for local papers and some folks have been interview for the radio as well. I've come up with the idea that we're like the circus. Each day we travel from town to town, we put up our tents and often we are the attraction!

The town for the evening was Montevideo, a wonderful town with a downtown of several blocks long. After dinner we headed to a coffee shop called Java River, where a live band was playing in an outdoor garden. When the mosquitoes became too much and the band stopped playing, we headed down to Inn Like Flyinn's where a large group of riders and staff had gathered.  After staying much too late, a group of use headed back to the school along the unlit bike path.  Quite and experience!


Midpoint of the ride

Gary at the midpoint

Coast to coast

Ohhh I can hear a fish story coming on.

Photo from newspaper article.