7/15 - Pierre, SD - Day Off

Today is duff day. It's the day when the staff is dropping off riders that need to go home and are picking up new riders for the week.  For the riders who are staying from last week, its time to wash clothes and relax a bit before heading out again.  The Indian school where we are staying has allowed us to use their washing machines, so I was up late last night doing my laundry.

Today I cycled into Pierre for breakfast and have spent almost the entire day catching up on this computer log of the trip.  I understand that Pierre is the second smallest state capital in the US, but the library internet facilities are tremendous. In the center of the library, they have  24 internet computers for general use, with unlimited time.  At one point, I think that riders from the tour were using all 24 computers.  It seems that e-mail is favored by many of us to keep in touch.

After a long day of typing typing typing, I headed down to the Zesto ice cream stand.  Of the trip so far, Zesto has been the most fun place.  It's a small glass bricked building with lines of people waiting outside. I think that they have had the longest list of Sundaes and Floats that I've ever seen.

If you're ever in Pierre, South Dakota you've gotta have a Zesto