6/22 - Thompson Falls to Missoula Montana - Day 7

Last ride of the first week. One hundred miles into Missoula. Since it was going to be a long day, I got up early enough to wash and have everything packed in time for breakfast at the Elks by 6:30. Started the ride by 7AM. Clear and cool conditions.

The first water stop was placed at the 20 mile marker. A total of four water stops with the picnic stop was planned for the day. We made to to Plains by 9AM and saw the a cafe. Perfect time for coffee. To our surprise we ran into a large group that left Thompson Falls earlier than everyone else and they were just finishing up breakfast. While we were there, the local paper ask for an interview an took photos. We must be famous now I guess. They promised to send a copy of the article to Cycle America. I took so many photos today, I'll need to pick up a couple more panoramic disposable camera.

The lunch located at the 57 mile point in the town of Dixon. The lunch was was good as usual. Somehow the lunch staff has figured out how to cook pizza over a propane burner. After lunch the heat was starting to increase. Not at all like I expect that we will hit in the Midwest, but it felt pretty warm anyway.

The road started to climb. From about the 60 mile mark to the 86 mile mark the road keep climbing. I stopped at a convenience store (for ice cream), a water stop and another convenience store (for root beer) to finally get to the top. My altimeter indicted 3950 feet, not quite as high as Stevens Pass, but close. The reminding miles to into Missoula was mostly downhill. I was able to pick up some good speed in places.

We arrived at the Sacred Heart High School by about 4:30. Put up our tents and went into town and had dinner at a restaurant call "The Bridge" followed by ice cream.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is a day off. Time to sleep in, get the clothes washed and prepare for another great week on the road. We'll be saying good bye to some folks and welcoming some new folks who will be joining us this week. I just can't wait

arrival in Missoula