6/16 -Everett, WA - Skykomish  - Day 1


The theme of the day is: "so the fun begins"

We started out the morning with dipping the bike's tire in the pacific before heading east. When we get to the Atlantic we dip the front tires.

The day was overcast as we headed out of Everett. We road through beautiful countryside and farmlands. On a bike trip like this you can feel, see, and smell the country. As the day progressed we started the climb up the Cascades mountains.

With all the waterfalls filled from winter runoff you can really see why the mountains are called the Cascades. We stayed at a school in a small town of Skykomish. The total number of students in the entire school (1st through high school) is 75. Last year's graduating class was 4. The ride was a good warm-up at 62 miles.


Fred dipping his rear tire in the Pacific

Starting out in Everett Washington

Ken getting ready to depart from the Pacific

John, Erika and Paul at the start

Paul at the dipping his tire

John dipping his tire

Erika dipping her tire

The gang of riders at the water's edge

The first Picnic stop

Getting to know each other

Welcome to the Cascade Mountains

Railroad bridge, watch out for the boards!!

The first evening's campsite